Mediterranean Food - Elizabeth Peddey School of Cookery and Gastronomy
A celebration of the art and practice of cooking and eating good food.
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Mediterranean Food

01 Feb Mediterranean Food

Tuesday 6th February, 6.15 to 8pm $99 per person (90 minutes)

Wednesday 7th February, 1045 to 2pm $135 per person (3 hours)

Most of us have been told of the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

We all know that we should be eating more fruit and vegetables than we do.  In this class you will learn some simple recipes to bring the colours and delights of the Mediterranean to your table using simple, local, seasonal ingredients.

Enjoy blowing their socks off when you prepare this delightful summer menu. We will start with a spritz and a simple snack, and learn how to transform a variety of summer vegetables into appetising dishes;  I cannot wait to share with you my Aunt Clare’s never fail Mediterranean Chicken dish, and to finish, a dessert featuring summer fruits.

A few tricks, lots of fun and just using the very best that is available.


What you will learn:

  • Care and management of the kitchen work space
  • Care and management of basic kitchen equipment such as chopping boards, knives, peelers, mandolines, cookware, stove tops, pots and pans and ovens.
  • Basic knife skills
  • Understanding flavors and balance of taste
  • Understanding and following a recipe
  • How, why and when to measure and weigh ingredients
  • Planning and shopping for meals
  • Making the most of local Farmers Markets
  • How to shop so that you always have the ingredients for an easy meal
  • How to select, store, prepare, cook and serve a variety of seasonal vegetables
  • How to present the food we prepare to the table

What is included:

  • Light Refreshments on arrival.
  • The evening class will prepare a light supper to enjoy with a glass of wine
  • The daytime class will prepare additional vegetable dishes and have time to relax over a glass of wine with the mediterranean style luncheon made by you.
  • An apron is supplied for each class
  • All ingredients and cooking equipment are provided
  • You will receive a note book and print copy of recipes
  • An exemption from the washing up

What you need to know:

Recipes may vary from sample recipes provided

  • The evening class will prepare and eat together a minimum of 3 dishes with a glass of wine.  i.e a vegetable dish, a chicken dish and a fruit based dessert
  • The daytime class will prepare additional vegetable dishes, a chicken dish and a fruit based dessert.  We will be able to relax over lunch together with a glass of wine,  enjoying the food we have prepared.

Adjustments may be made for some Food Allergies and Intolerances, some classes however will always be unsuitable. Please advise us during your initial consultation of any special food needs that you have so that we can be sure to schedule you correctly.