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Baked Ocean Trout

This ridiculously good dish, only takes minutes to prepare and cook yet is just as perfect for an elegant dinner party as a mid-week meal.

The recipe calls for a side of fish that you cut and serve at the table.  I particularly love Ocean Trout, though Salmon or other firm fish such as Blue Eye are also suitable.

Perfect with a potato gratin if you have the time, otherwise mashed or parsley potatoes are delicious and a simple salad.

Creamy Lemon Pasta

This dish is one of the simplest, quickest, most comfortingly, unctuous dishes of pasta you can imagine. Most of the ingredients are probably already in your pantry. It is just as perfect for a no-fuss midweek dinner, an elegant dinner party, or for when you are just feeling sorry for yourself and need some cheering up!


Braised lentils are a delicious, nourishing cool weather dish.

Slices of cooked duck make an admirable addition.

Mind you, you can exclude the duck all together and enjoy a lovely, earthy, vegan meal.

Hearty Vegetable Soup

This delicious, hearty vegetarian soup will warm the hearts of everyone on a cold wintery day. When you are preparing the vegetables, try and chop the hard vegetables into similar size pieces - the smaller the dice, and shredding of the leaves, the more elegant the...

Cucumber and Chive Salad
Cucumber and Chive Salad

Recipe By: David, Elizabeth; Summer Cooking The farmers’ markets in early march are full of the most wonderful produce including multiple varieties of everything.  Last Saturday at Veg Out, St Kilda, I discovered at least 3 varieties of cucumber I have never seen before.  This salad...

Sautee of Flowering Kale

Flowering kale is delicious and only needs to be lightly cooked.  It looks similar to broccolini. Broccolini can be used when flowering kale is unavailable.

Risotto of Nettles and Mushrooms

Risotto originates from La Cucina Povera (peasant cooking) of northern Italy.  I love it for its deliciousness, simplicity, and unpretentiousness.  

All you need is two pots and a wooden spoon or as Marco Pierre White recently suggested on Australian Master Chef - a large silicone spatula which makes light work of stirring.

I prefer to use the Ferron brand of Nano Vialone rice.  It absorbs the flavours of the ingredients and produces a creamy, gentle texture with every grain of rice retaining its shape.

Anyone who can pay attention for 30 minutes can make risotto - you do not have to be an experienced cook.

Lemon Curd

English Lemon Curd The easiest way to make Lemon Curd is using a double boiler.  If you do not possess one, you can readily construct one by fitting a heat proof bowl onto a saucepan.  The water level should be adjusted to simmer just below the...

Seasonal Fruit and Nuts

A platter of seasonal nuts and fruits is a success at any dinner table. It doesn't take any real effort other than in the shopping and selection of produce. Arrange the fruits and nuts on a platter or tray, provide nut crackers and...