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Poulet en Cocotte
Poulet en Cocotte is essentially an aromatic dish of chicken and vegetables cooked in liquid. A traditional French dish, it was said to have been prepared on a Sunday by the subjects of the much loved, good King Henry of Navarre.
Rough Chopped Fresh Tomato Sauce for Pasta

Late February - early March heralds the annual Tomato Day for the Peddey family and their friends.  Over a weekend we process about 200kg of tomatoes in their prime.  

Omelette Fine Herbes

The food we choose to prepare for ourselves and for our friends and family can be encased in all manner of messages and meaning.  The world of subtlety as Elizabeth David once observed can be infused into the serving of a dish of eggs.  As she points out no one alludes to this more eloquently than Gertrude Stein. 

Baked Apricots (Abricots au Four)
These fruit are delicious eaten warm or cold. An old fashioned way to serve is serve hot apricots with French toast made with slices of bread steeped in milk, then in beaten egg, fried in butter and sprinkled with sugar!
Risotto di Frutti di Mare

Rice is as important in the northern provinces of Italy as pasta is to the south. The qualities especially of arborio rice of the Piedmonte region make it well suited to slow cooking. The cooking of risotto is in many ways counter intuitive as...

Stone Soup

I remember the nightly reading when the children were young and the story of Stone Soup. By stealth a hunter lost in the forest and happening upon an isolated cottage managed to convince his host to manufacture a nourishing and wholesome soup from his...

Schialatielli with Shellfish

The famous Italian futurist poet, Marinetti (1876 - 1944) not only challenged the nature of Italian music, art, literature, theatre and dance but eventually too the traditions of Italian cuisine.  His controversial campaign against all established forms of cooking and dining was launched on 15th...

Rice and Smothered Cabbage Soup

“Both the Greeks and the Romans thought cabbage a very healthy food, which it is: and a protection against drunkenness, which it is not.” (Alan Davidson, The Oxford Companion to Food,1999). Rice and Smothered Cabbage Soup is a very fine example of that very important component...