Seasonal Update - 28th April, 2016 - Elizabeth Peddey School of Cookery and Gastronomy
A celebration of the art and practice of cooking and eating good food.
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Seasonal Update – 28th April, 2016

28 Apr Seasonal Update – 28th April, 2016


In season now:

Persimmons – 2 varieties – the crunchy ones you pick off the tree and eat straight away and the astringent variety that you have to wait for to become jelly soft. It is deliciously sweet, eat with a spoon – tastes and feels like? well just like jelly!

Mushrooms and Chestnuts – a marriage made in heaven.  Throughout Autumn we are blessed with the best of these. 

Just outside our village, Pisciotta in the south of Italy the surrounding hills are covered in glorious chestnut forests.  The forest floor is covered with mushrooms for most of the year.  Early last summer I purchased and cooked the most delicious fresh porcini mushrooms.

This weeks recipe is for those of us urging on the cooler weather – Mushroom and Chestnut soup. You will find it under ‘This Week’s Recipe’.

What is this Spaghetti Squash? Has anyone tried it?  Demand for it allegedly continues to soar and it comes in as this week’s best buy in Tuesday’s Epicure – $3 per kg.  I will source a recipe, try it out and let you know how I go!

Accredited Farmers’ Markets
Wednesday April 27th: University of Melbourne

Thursday April 28th: Goldsborough Lane (CBD) 4.30pm – 7.30pm

5th Saturday of the Month: Saturday April 30th

Booroondara, Coburg, Echuca, Fairfield

1st Sunday of the Month: Sunday 1st May

Castlemaine, Eastland, Eynesbury, Flemington, Tallarook, Swan Hill

Enrol Now to join us for next week’s Cookery Class in Elwood

Kitchen Confidence 101 : Curry Night

You wont believe how easy it is to make a curry from scratch with a selection of fresh spices and ingredients to hand.  You will be thrilled with how wonderful your kitchen will smell when you do and how impressed those you cook for will be. Today rather than a 3 course menu we are going to use our time to make a fish, a vegetarian and a chicken curry.  If we have time will make a raita and cook some rice and serve prepared Roti Paratha.  We will talk about the selection, management, storage and cooking of spices and what to keep handy in your pantry so that you can cook a curry before you could pick up a take away order!

Tuesday 3rd May 10 – 1pm

Wednesday 4th May 6.30 – 9.30pm

$165 per person

Call Elizabeth on 0419505438 or email

In the Garden:

All of the seedlings I planted 2 or 3 weeks ago are thriving.  Yesterday I collected a selection of greens for a nourishing morning smoothie and a few more for a salad for lunch.  I am picking from 3 varieties of lettuce, horseradish, beetroot leaves, celery leaf, dandelion, sorrel, parsley and chives.

I am still nipping my basil back so it doesn’t go to seed just yet!

The broccoli, kale, peas, bok choy and brussel sprouts are in rude health.

The garlic I planted only a fortnight ago has shot through the soil with very determined shoots.  Well – I think it is the garlic.

More duck poo on the front garden, the helibores have responded marvellously to their first dose a month ago – new plants are taking off at an incredible pace.

Spouse and I visited Diggers recently.  During the week, always at the end of the day in fading light it seems, I transferred the three varieties of pomegranate, the almond, dwarf persimmon, plum, and apple trees into 10 inch pots and luscious potting mix that even if they get too much water, protects their roots from mould.  These are all destined to larger pots over the coming years.

Last matter as I clear away the never ending fall from the plane trees – I planted a huge selection of pink, blue and white hyacinths bulbs throughout our front garden.

Without wishing my life away just yet, I really can barely wait for spring.  While I do though, sowing some sprouting seeds beside the kitchen window ensures a constant supply of nutritious snacks and sandwich and salad toppers.

Upcoming Masterclass:

Two hour bread making masterclass with Greg Dee of Elwood Bread.  Keep the date: Saturday 14th August, 2016.  Everyone gets to take some mother home in a jar. Not to be missed!

Further information coming.

Gift Vouchers:
A cookery class in Melbourne’s leafy Elwood is the perfect wedding gift, also ideal for someone moving out of home.  Don’t forget birthdays and Christmas too.  Contact us for a Gift Voucher of any value.