Slow Ferment Sourdough Bread Making Class - Elizabeth Peddey School of Cookery and Gastronomy
Let us introduce you to some of the finer points of how to make your own sourdough bread at home.  Greg Dee of Elwood Sourdough co - presents this fun, laid back, hands on class, with Elizabeth Peddey.
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Slow Ferment Sourdough Bread Making Class

10 Nov Slow Ferment Sourdough Bread Making Class

Let us introduce you to some of the finer points of how to make your own sourdough bread at home.  Greg Dee of Elwood Sourdough co – presents this fun, laid back, hands on class, with Elizabeth Peddey.

Wednesday 14th March, 1030 – 1.30pm

$99 per person


What you will learn:

Basically all participants learn how to make their own sourdough bread in their own home.  You are provided with some leaven to take home to care for and get you started.

Specific matters and processes that are taught:

  1. Management, care and use of leaven
  2. How to mix and knead dough
  3. How to prove dough and for how long and in what conditions
  4. Shaping of the dough in preparation for the oven
  5. Baking of the bread

What is Included:

  • A clean apron is supplied for each class
  • Light refreshments are available to help yourself to
  • All ingredients and cooking equipment are provided
  • Note paper and print copy of recipes and instructions
  • Two cooked sourdough loaves that you have made
  • Dough that you have mixed and kneaded, ready to take home to continue proving and to pop in the oven – PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN 1 LITRE SEALED CONTAINER to put the dough into
  • Enough leaven to enable you to continue making bread at home – PLEASE BRING A SMALL JAR AND LID TO PUT YOUR LEAVEN INTO
  • An exemption from the dishes

What you need to know:

Three hours is a small time allocation for making bread from scratch!  We have designed the class this way to fit into tight schedules.

Please plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before class so that you can settle in.  The class needs to start promptly at 1030am with little preamble.   This is necessary to allow enough time to shape and prove the dough before we bake the bread.  While these loaves continue proving before being put into the oven there will be time for discussion and  you will be shown how to mix and knead your own dough.  You will be able to take this uncooked dough home to cook in your own oven.

Greg Dee will tell you all about how to create your own leaven and care for the leaven you take home with you.

Refreshments of tea and coffee and fresh bread and toppings are provided during this time

You are required to wear closed, flat shoes and your hair pulled back.  An apron will be provided to wear during class.

All flours used contain gluten.


Please bring the following items:

A large plastic container (minimum 2 liters) to transport your dough home.

2 tea towels or a basket to wrap your freshly cooked loaf in.

A small jar with a lid to take your leaven home in (100 – 250ml)

So that you can keep making your own bread – be sure to have at home a supply of Rye Flour and Unbleached White Flour to get you started.  This may be purchased from Leaf Elwood, 101 Ormond Rd, Elwood or from Firebrand Sourdough Bakery, 69 GlenEira Rd, Ripponlea.

Bannetons and Mixers are for sale on the day if you would like to purchase one to take home.



$99 per person or $185 for 2 people booking together


What Individuals say about this class:

Served a sour dough loaf at the O’connor Father’s Day lunch. It was a hit! Think we can safely say the young mother is working. Thanks so much for teaching us how to do this. It’s lots of fun!  SUE M

Hi Liz,

great day on saturday, had lots of fun, baked the bread the next morning and was great.

well done

Sue C xx

Hi Liz, just wanted to say thanks for a lovely day! Super well organised and knowledge now to make great bread…..don’t think it will take long for the word to spread! All the best with it my dear. MATT xx

I hope you’re in bed. Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant class today. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to try at home. I’ve posted on Instagram. Well done you & Greg was great. Xx

I am seriously so proud of these two I can’t cut them!!! My car smelt fantastic after the hairdressers. Thank you for such a brilliant experience today. MARY Xx