Suny Purchase Pisciotta Cooking Classes - Elizabeth Peddey School of Cookery and Gastronomy
A celebration of the art and practice of cooking and eating good food.
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Suny Purchase Pisciotta Cooking Classes

14 Jul Suny Purchase Pisciotta Cooking Classes

Elizabeth Peddey Cookery School welcomes Suny Purchase to our upcoming cooking classes in Pisciotta.


Most of us have been told of the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.  Many of you are learning about it now.  In essence we all know that we should eat more fruit and vegetables, particularly herbs, and small boney fish and far less red meat.  In this short class Elizabeth introduces you to some of the finer points of the food and lifestyle associated with the Mediterranean.  While in Pisciotta we have access to such marvellous produce;  this class teaches you what to do with some of it.  How to buy it, store it, prepare it and when and how to eat it.

This is a small hands on class designed for enthusiastic amateurs, wanting to enjoy local, seasonal produce on their vacation in Pisciotta.  Elizabeth will discuss with you some of the ingredients and traditional food ways of the Cilento in Southern Italy, the place from where Ancel and Margaret Keys first expressed the mechanics of the Mediterranean Diet for English speakers.  We will prepare some simple recipes of the Cilento to enjoy over lunch with a bottle of local wine.  The recipes have been carefully selected from those that Elizabeth has been shown or instructed on while in Pisciotta, as well as from the extensive classic writings of the likes of Elizabeth David, Patience Gray, Claudia Rodin and Ancel and Margaret Keys – always with the less confident cook in mind.  It is intended that you will be able to recreate these recipes in your kitchens here in Pisciotta as well as at home in New York.

Participants are invited to join Elizabeth at 8am any Wednesday or Saturday in July, at the local farmers market on the stairs of Via Tuvolo in Pisciotta.


Sunday 15th July, 1pm to 2.30pm

Wednesday 18th July, 1pm to 2.30 pm.

Please arrive from 1230 to register and to settle in before we commence class.


15 euros per person


* Insights into the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle

* Some simple recipes covering new and refreshing ideas for dishes and ingredients

* Care and management of the kitchen work space

* Care and management of basic kitchen equipment such as chopping boards, knives, peelers, mandolines, cookware, blenders, stove tops, pots and pans.

* Basic knife skills

* Understanding flavours and balance of taste

* Understanding and following a recipe

* How, why and when to measure and weigh ingredients

* Planning and shopping for meals

* Making the most of local Farmers Markets

* How to shop so that you always have the ingredients for an easy meal

* How to cook and serve pulses and grains

* How to cook, dress and serve pasta

* How to prepare a selection of Tomato dishes

* How to prepare a selection of hors’d-oeuvres, either to serve as part of a larger menu or as dishes to enjoy over a light luncheon or supper.

* How to make a simple tomato sugo

* How to dress a salad

* How to select, store, prepare, cook and serve a variety of seasonal vegetables

* How to set a table

* How to present food to the table

* How to serve an alfresco lunch with barely cooking a thing


Light Refreshment on arrival

All ingredients and cooking equipment

A copy of all recipes

A luncheon comprised of all the dishes we prepare, with wine

An exemption from the washing up

Please wear closed, flat, comfortable shoes


Recipes may vary from sample recipes provided

Adjustments may be made for some Food Allergies and Intolerances when sufficient warning is given.

Please advise us at the time of enquiry to participate, of any special food needs that you have so that we can be sure to schedule you correctly

Laura will meet all participants after your Italian program and bring you to Elizabeth’s house between 1230 and 1pm.

Address: 27 Via Langeolotti, Pisciotta

Phone: +39 346 252 7379



Elizabeth’s house is en route to the beach.  If you are not returning to your own house for a siesta  after lunch, bring your beach gear and walk down the stairs to the sea below.


Antipasti :          Alici con pane

                             Freselle con pomodorini

                             Insalate fagioli con tonno


Primo:                Tomato Sugo con pasta Cilentana

Dolce:                 Pesche, Ricotto e Miele

Beve:                   Vino Rosso e Bianco